“Love, itself, is the most inherently organizing, harmonizing, healing, and coherent energy, in the universe. Its innate intelligence, and supreme wisdom, is the essence of all magic and beauty. And, the most potent amulet of protection.” - Jennifer Posada.

I think one of the things that always comes to light in the most challenging of times ~ the raging wildfires here in the west, the hurricanes in the south, and the corona virus crisis ~ is how powerful and world changing the voices of the humble really are.

In stable times ~ times of peace and comfort ~ it's easy to turn our attention to the bullhorns. We can kick back and turn the world over to politicians and to talk show hosts and to all of those people who seem to have a monopoly on power and influence in the world.

But in one unforeseen moment, even the loudest and most influential voices can be collectively and simultaneously muted by the invisible.

What is left is the collective love and whispers of the humble.

In these moments, we come to discover just who it is that's been quietly holding the world together for us while the loudest and most viral voices of the world blind us to that reality. In these moments, we come to realize the voices we've come to glorify are not the voices we need to be truly grateful for.

When I reflect on the people who have had the most impact on my life, it's the people who I don't believe are conciously trying to impact my life at all. It's the people who simply want to love. And love for no other reason than that's just what they want to contribute to the world.

These people just simply want to get back to doing what they've been doing all along. They want to get back to loving. They want to get back to quietly holding the world together the way they've been holding us all together all along.

In this silence, we all have an opportunity to take a break from applauding the stars of this world, and offering a quiet thank you to the humble. 

for my Tree Sisters  ~ sacred smoke is rising ~ a blessing and prayer is spoken from within, offering up and manifesting a spiritual connection ~ weaving through the body, mind and soul, lingering in the breath until the moment of release ~ a release of love and gratitude, appreciation and support, a release of  peace, harmony and balance 

~ Deanna  ❧  (Willow Spirit Studio)