Money is like water. It can be a conduit for commitment, a currency of love. Money moving in the direction of our highest commitments nourishes our world and ourselves.  ―     Lynne Twist

I have been an environmental activist since the 60's where we had pesticide DDT on our vegetables, lead in our paint, asbestos siding on our homes, and deforestation was running rampid.

"Man's attitude toward nature is today critically important simply because we have now acquired a fateful power to alter and destroy nature. But man is a part of nature, and his war against nature is inevitably a war against himself? [We are] challenged as mankind has never been challenged before to prove our maturity and our mastery, not of nature, but of ourselves."~ Racheal Carson, Silent Spring

My belief was that money was evil and a tool of greed; ultimately destroying our first Mother ~ Earth. After reading The Soul of Money, I am a woman who embraces money as a powerful tool to create the change we so need in our world through creativity at  Willow Spirit Studio

I discoverd Lynne's book through , a global group of beautiful spirits ~ where I have been donating 10% of proceeds from my business for the past few months. 

Lynne is an amazing and inspiring woman who has raised billions of dollars to help ease some of the world's biggest problems; from famine to deforestation. This book reshaped my perception on money; from evil greed and wrong to soulful.

We need to remember that money itself is not good or bad; it's merely a tool that we're using in this lifetime. If we use money in a way that enhances our own life and lives of others, then a powerful, spiritual tool is exactly what money will be.

Sending Love and Abundance to all of you, today and every day ~


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