It was the first moon of 2019

Cold and snowing; I sat comfortably near the warmth of the woodstove scrolling through Facebook. This is when I stumbled accross Completely enraptured, the page I am reading is about a community of women committed to the restoration of our forests and the rebalancing of humanity's relationship with the natural world. 

Outside, a hawk cries as it scans the valley below, soaring high upon the biting wind. Inside, logs crack and split in the fireplace as I sit listening to my fellow tree sisters share their wisdom. This is one of my favourite parts of the experience ~ hearing the stories and impact that the simple act of planting of trees has had upon each individual. I get the sense that something has changed within each sister that is sharing, and that we will never be the same. 

For me, becoming a "water carrier" ~ (I like that how that sounds) at Tree Sisters is a combination of two things: the satisfaction of knowing that I am contributing to a long-term vision much, much larger than myself and, equally as important, the act of just simply connecting with and creating shared experiences with other like-minded women. I have planted in my mind just as many precious memories created together with these women. I hope that, just as the trees will grow and become part of a mutually self-sustaining ecosystem, so too will these memories be nurtured, enriching our lives within the fertile soil of our collective imaginations.

As always, may your light shine like the shimmering of leaves in the sunlight,


Willow Spirit Studio

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