There is tranquility in sauntering alone for long spans of time.... 

Starting the journey my mind is just so full. And as I walk, it empty's with each step and it takes a really long time. I just let it empty and I can't believe how much comes up and out. I picture it streaming out of my every pore like steam off a pond in the coolness of the wind. I shake it out of my head, my hair, my palms, my feet, into the air and into our Earth Mother. 

I really love going off trail ~ at my own pace, at my own desire with no one to be mindful of. Gradually my thinking slows down ~ just draining out. I start noticing the small things more and more. It's a practice, so I actually do notice way earlier now. I spend time in stillness, creating ephemeral art with stones. I spend a LOT of time with the stone people! I admire the ice droplets shimmering on the leaves, so touchingly gorgeous. I sink my fingers into the red dirt and smell it.

Observing the red tailed hawk circling above. Praising the intricacy of a spider web, and will the spider run towards my finger if I touch his web gently? Saying hi to the deer observing me from behind the apsen grove. Standing on a rock with an enormous cliff in front of me, overlooking the valley at sundown. Oh, and gathering a little kinnikinnick along the journey back....

for drying and adding to my tobacco mixture ~ giving thanks for the gift 💚

random thoughts ~ along a Rocky Mountain trail

🙑 As always, may your light shine bright like the shimmering of leaves through the sunlight,


Willow Spirit Studio