We are Lover's of our Earth Mother and all of her Gifts....

Every piece that we create comes from our souls: elemental and primal, they evoke our world centered in Colorful Colorado. They feature natural stones, willow, raw linen, materials found in nature, and are completely hand crafted by us. 

There is nothing either one of us would rather do than spend our  lives creating things that make the world a more beautiful place, and we are so excited to finally be sharing our creations. Our hope is that these pieces inspire you. 

We hope that they can become a part of your story, your own personal history, as you bravely forge your own path. But most importantly we hope that they empower you, helping you to become your best and most authentic self.

Some people ask why we "need" wilderness. The reality of it, and the experience of being in places like this, go far beyond words.  And it is absolutely necessary to our wholeness and well-being.

We are both very grateful for all You! Thank you for your supporting truly handmade, for it is you who changes our World. 

Deanna and Kent