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⟴ Intention ~ Gifting Back

Warriors for our Earth Mother   

Mar 1

Gifting back one tree at a time

⟴ For Every item sold ~ we will donate one tree on your behalf. Planetary healing is a huge part of our calling, and we are grateful for our partnership with The healing of our forest is where we will focus our efforts to help nurture and heal our Earth Mother. 💚 May your inner light shine like shimmering leaves in the sunlight, Deanna and Kent

12:00am MST

Apr 1 - Apr 30

⟴ March Update

The end of the month ritual of tallying up sales is so special and humbling for me. Gifting back through and to our Earth Mother that sustains All is something that I am grateful to you for. For march I donated $83! It fills my heart! Thank you!

Past events

Mar 3

⟴ February Update

51 more trees donated thanks to all of you! We are so grateful!

Feb 5

⟴ January Update

🌲 Update for January Fundraiser 🌲 We are super grateful to help our One Tree Planted family in their quest to reforest the world!

Dec 27

⟴ December Update

113 more trees bringing our total to over 1000 trees donated! Super grateful to ALL of you that help us on this Earth Healing Journey! 💚

Dec 5

⟴ November Update

The numbers are climbing! YAY! So grateful for All of you! Deanna and Kent

Nov 3

⟴ October Update

Thank you to all of you that help us on this journey! We are happy to announce that we have donated over 850 trees to One Tree Planted ♡

Sep 29 - Oct 1

⟴ September Update

We donated 45 trees to be planted through our partnership with this wonderful hard working organization!

4:00am - 1:45am MDT

One Tree Planted

Aug 30

⟴ August Update

So grateful to all of you that helped with our vision 💚 We donated 48 trees for the month of August through our partnership with

Aug 4

⟴ July Update

We are so grateful to all of you that help us on this journey to plant trees wherever they are needed most through our partnership with

Jun 4

⟴ May Update

Thank you to all of you that help us on this journey 💚

Apr 4

⟴ March Update

Our certificate for the sales we had in March 2018

Mar 2

⟴ February Update

We are excited to announce that our fundraiser "Warriors for the Forest in Colorado" has reached over $500! That's over 500 trees being planted this spring by One Tree Planted! Some in California and some in our home state: Colorful Colorado! It's all happening because of you! We are super grateful! Even a small home based gift shop can make a difference ❤ May your inner light shine like the shimmering of leaves through the sunlight, ⤞Deanna and Kent⤝

Feb 7 - Feb 28

⟴ Januray Update One Sale ⤞ One Tree

Creating is the heart of all we do. You've shown so much support, and the "Warriors for the Forest in Colorado" endeavor is our way of gifting back in appreciation. It's our way of showing thanks to you, our customers, as well as to our Mother Earth. So far your purchases have helped plant over 485 trees since we launched, with more being added to that number daily. with grateful Hearts, Deanna and Kent ⤞ Willow Spirit Studio ⤝

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