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We are lover's of the Earth and all of her natural gifts....Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to learn about us and our art!

The love and beauty of nature has always been in our hearts. It was 2011 when we began our creative journey. Completely self taught, we learned the ropes of creating a handmade business from the ground up and developed our skills as artists along the way.

From the spark of an idea to its fruition, our willow dream catchers, natural stone and bead woven jewelry, wood, bone, and antler carvings are a completely handmade process with no part of our work outsourced. We take great satisfaction breathing life into our designs from the very moment we conceived of them, to putting them on paper, to the process of hand fabricating every detail. Our designs are constantly evolving and changing as we take inspiration from shapes, textures, our Mother Earth / Universe and the beauty of the materials themselves. As artists this is our way.

Traditional techniques along with our own innovations form the core of our processes which include a great deal of weaving, beadwork, wood carving, and wild gathering, etc. Our love of natural materials, particularly willow, natural gemstones, milkweed pods, wood, sea shells, bone, and antler, all earthy elements form the basis of our creative palate.

We are both very grateful for all of our customers. Thank you for your supporting truly handmade, for it is you who changes our World.

💚We are also thankful to All of You that help us create a world where nature is loved and treated as Sacred,
⤞Deanna and Kent⤝

⟴ Planetary healing is a huge part of our calling, and we take pleasure in doing our part by planting five trees in your honor for every item sold through our partnership with TreeSisters.org 

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